Waterloo Boys John Deere Plow Day
A tradition that began almost 20 years ago, the first Plow Day was organized when a serious farm accident threatened to prevent one of the Waterloo Boys from getting his crops planted in time. Upon hearing of their fellow John Deere collector's misfortune, members of the club arrived with their tractors and plows in tow and saved the farm by getting the fields plowed and ready for planting. They had so much fun putting those old tractors to work that Plow Day has become a much anticipated occasion every Spring. So much so that a few tractors of another color have dared to show up to prove their mettle. Filmed in High-Definition video, this program takes you up-close to the sights and sounds of those great old two-cylinder "Johnnie Poppers" and the folks that love them.

30 minutes/stereo DVD $15
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